SnapStrat Product Features

Structure Analyze Decide Learn

1) Structure Data and Guide Decision Process

  • Import data from a broad variety of internal and external data sources
  • Build new data sets through surveys, stakeholder estimates, etc.
  • Define decision criteria, constraints and assumptions
  • Develop predictive models for key decision criteria

2) Create and Analyze Decision Scenarios

  • Build and save scenarios with different weighting of decision criteria
  • Use SnapStrat's predictive analytics to assess results and compare scenarios
  • Change key model assumptions and constraints to test sensitivity
  • Use data visualizations to assess and communicate the impacts of a scenario

3) Make and Communicate Decisions

  • Compare projections side-by-side across scenarios
  • Communicate scenario recommendation and rationale to stakeholders
  • Use best-fit scenario to make decision and create set of resulting actions to perform
  • Feed decision data to downstream systems where requiured to execute decision

4) Assess Results and Improve Decision Models

  • Set target metrics and measure decision outcomes vs. metrics over time
  • Set triggers to automatically warn when a decision needs to be revisted
  • Leverage machine learning to review factors that influenced prior decision performance and use then to tune future decision models