About SnapStrat

Who we are and what we are trying to accomplish

SnapStrat was created by a group who is passionate about both technology and strategy. Our diverse backrounds in strategy consulting, technology and business have allowed us to observe and participate in strategic decision making from many angles.

Simply put, we believe that the way organizations make their most important decisions is often hindered by siloed data, unclear decision rights and lacking transparency. We believe that decisions must always be forward-looking and that existing technology solutions are generally backwards-looking.

Finally, we believe that simply giving an organization technology at a single point in time is not sufficient. We built SnapStrat with the commitment to provide technology that helps companies make better decisions on an ongoing basis. We are not just a software company, we are a partner in helping you make better decisions on an ongoing basis.

Jonathan Stern

After 25+ years in consulting focused on the intersection of technology and strategy, Jonathan launched SnapStrat to build on his passion for helping organizations make great decisions

Alan Becker
Chief Product Officer

Alan has spent the last several years helping startups make their technology relevant to their customers. Previously he was a Supply Chain strategist at Apple

Steve McDonald
Head of Engineering

Steve brings over 20 years of engineering leadership and software development experience to SnapStrat combined with a strong passion to use technology to create

Joe Foster

Joe joined SnapStrat from Bain & Co where he advised clients on a broad range topics from digital strategy to customer engagement